Despite the grandiose nickname (which was given to me by a friend on Stage 5 of the 2012 Tour de Force and seems to have stuck), I’m simply an amateur cyclist. I’ve never been a pro, I’m not particularly fast and at 82 kg, I’m never going to be a gifted climber either!

However, from time to time, I take a deep breath and commit to a significant challenge, usually something that on the face of it, looks genuinely improbable for someone like me (advancing years, hectic work and family schedule and constant time-crunch)!

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This website is about those challenges and the preparation that goes into them. It’s about the places I go, the people I meet and the things that inspire me. Most of all, it’s about the highs and lows of riding bikes of all types, in all weathers and in a multitude of places. Some of my more notable rides are listed below.

HRS The Journey: Exmoor 2018 | Everesting 2018: Stwlan Dam, Wales | Everesting 2017: Cime de la Bonette (2,802m), France – Europe’s highest Everesting to date | Everesting 2017: Mynydd Graean (Gravel Mountain), Wales | Everesting & HRS 2016: Whiteleaf, UK (#23 in 100 Greatest Climbs) – 10,260m | Everesting 2015: Bradenham Wood Lane, UK | 2015: Lucy’s Cent Cols Memorial Challenge, Cevennes, France | 2014: Cent Cols Dolomites | 2012: Tour de Force (Le Loop) Lifer | 2007: Ultra Raid Pyreneen – time record

In recent years, my eldest son Tom has been my companion on most of these rides and hence he appears in many of the pictures. Tom and I are both ASSOS Équipe Ride Leaders, assisting ASSOS LDN with their marketing and shop rides. As you’ll see from the pictures across this site, I’ve been using their equipment for two decades.